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Chiming in with my own prep- clear liquid just the meal prior (breakfast if a morning scope, lunch if afternoon).  Normal food prior to that liquid meal.  2 fleets an hour before leaving the house.  Nothing by mouth once doing the fleets.  That’s it- couldn’t be easier.  Note this is for a pouchoscopy and a balloon dilation procedure which I do every 6mo.

The mag citrate and 64oz drinks and days of liquid are totally unnecessary unless your Dr is scoping up much further than the pouch.  

I agree with others - often instructions are generic.  In fact for this last prep I was told mag citrate and a day of clear liquids prior.  When I followed up, Dr overrode all that.  It’s worth asking the doctor specifically, if you’re told by staff to do more prep than a couple of enemas.

Deb- hope it turned out ok for you!

I am reading this thread with interest because I am supposed to have a pouchoscopy in the next few months, my first since megapouch. I am a bit converned because my pouch is HUUUUGE now and enemas do almost nothing. (I know because when it went “mega”, I tried to use them for weeks. Even Fleet does nothing but burn.)

I don’t think I could tolerate a strong laxative or fasting either because I’m pretty weak these days.

It will be interesting to see what the surgeon and bowel procedure nurse come up with.

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