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For me when I feel something more acute (pouchitis) coming on I feel like it typically begins with Internal Burning  (??)

After that Burning Onset, I feel like that progresses and then leads to frequency increase, wateriness and ultimately sometimes blood etc.... 

I feel like "maybe" most recently I was able to delay onset a bit with immodium and adding bulk/starch to my diet (toast, potatoes, hydrating...) in when burning starts ways to calm the waters... ?? but I also feel like pretty good chance it was total fiction that I was able to calm things that way?

Coping mechanisms some of you might have? thoughts? thanks... -Mike



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I also when started feeling the internal burning I added metamucil....  my thinking I have this little fire burning inside and I'm trying to put the fire out by smothering it with potatoes, toast, metamucil powder and water... 

before it can start eating the lining and causing damage/bleeding ??...

I feel like my thought progression may be total nonsense though  

It’s usually a good idea to do things that make us feel better when we are under the weather. Even some ineffective things can sometimes improve our mental state, making us feel less helpless. OTOH if you are delaying needed treatment (you don’t mention antibiotics...) then you may well be doing yourself a disservice. Your creative mental model of what’s happening is no substitute for effective treatment.

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