Can someone tell me the symptoms of pouchitis. I am feeling extremely weak (way more so than usual) the last 4 days and no energy, low fever and stomach pains. I started going a little more than usual today but hard to tell just yet if frequency is up.

Thank you.
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Those symptoms could be an indication of pouchitis. You probably need to give your doctor a call and run your symptoms by her/him.

On the other hand, you're early in the process of your new plumbing and sometimes it takes a while to get energy back. So maybe part of what you're experiencing is normal and part may (or may not) be pouchitis. Good answer, huh? I'm sorry I don't have a more definitive answer. I hope things start turning around for you.

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hard to say those symtoms could be various other things besides pouchitis and not related to pouch at all....i think you need to see how you are in a few days to see what develops.. pouchitis has so many different symtoms..i suffer from it for past 6 years and controlwith antibiotics but in my case never had weakness or fever. big time pain from extreme irratation,burning feeling when going..not feeling fully emptied when i go to bathroom are my telltale signs..

My symptoms with pouchitis include weakness, fever, increased frequency, and sometimes blood. I don't get the fever or bleeding until the pouchitis is getting more severe. It is usually just increased frequency and some pain.

I would go on a light or liquid diet to give it some time to rest. If things don't improve, then call your doctor.

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