I’m sure there’s a few topics on this but i had a few questions.  So I had my second stage of a three stage pouch surgery on march 20. Got out of the hospital on the 31 everything was fine other than just some normal things.  About April 12 or so i started to get some blood and going to the bathroom increased out of my bottom end.  Stoma output was still fine. It’s was annoying but i fought through it and it cleared up in about a week. So last night everything had been fine for a bit again and i noticed i started to go to the bathroom a bit more than usual and just wasn’t feeling as good as the week before. The discharge in the toilet had gotten a little bit darker as well.  Last night around 7 i got super nauseous and felt like i was going to puke although I didn’t. Ive been feeling hot but not running a tempature and boarderline sweating. Also feeling very weak. Again the stoma output is normal.  Is this something i should go to the doctor about or fight it out for a couple of days? Is a family doctor good enough or should i be calling my surgeon or heading to the er? Thanks for the advice

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I'm going to recommend giving your surgeon's office or your GI Office a call and let them know what's going on. ( I found that my primary doctor doesn't really know much about handling issues relating to the j pouch and I'm guessing the ER team is just about the same. ) I'm leaning on the side that you'll feel a lot better with an input from your surgeon/GI.

Praying you feel better and get some answers soon.


My first sign of nausea usually means I am dehydrated. Plain water at that point is not enough for me. If I can drink electrolytes I can sometimes avoid the ER.

Good luck.

After several issues with dehydration I now have the following on hand:

Nunn electrolyte tablets ( can find at vitamin shop or bike store)

potassium tablets

magnesium tablets 



Cinder23, if it turns out to be dehydration try to have some commercially prepared soup, especially clear broth. It won't go straight through you the way plain water will. I keep cartons of vegetable or beef broth in my cupboard. I also make my own. You can add rice or chicken or chopped vegetables and simmer for a simple soup, but the point is to get some sodium in. When I was leaving hospital after surgery, I was advised to eat potato chips or salted pretzels for the salt until my body adjusted to the loss of my colon, which absorbed and stored fluids. Good luck.

I always have 2 bottle of pedialite in the fridge. I am drinking average of 2l of water a day. Then I have other fluids. My pee is clear. No dry mouth and no headaches. I do not believe it’s dehydration. I have a call into my surgeon but am feeling a bit better today. I don’t feel as sick and weak and have had no hot flashes yet 

It may be iron or B12 deficiency if not due to dehydration. The fatigue is a common symptom in both. Once the colon in removed iron and B12 levels may go on the lower side very easily. Have you gotten any post op blood tests done ? 

You can try supplementing iron and Vitamin B tablets as they'll help recover from blood loss too.

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