I'm getting tired of feeling like I'm finally recovered, and then coming down with an infection or something. I did really well after takedown, until 8 weeks out I ended up with a staph infection in one of my incisions (no clue how that even happened...)

So, now, I'm at the 3 month point past takedown, and think I might have pouchitis but am not sure... last week things started getting looser and more frequent, which I thought maybe was the result of eating too much fruit or something. Then, one night this past weekend, I was up several times (usually only up once, sometimes not at all) passing a pouchful of clear-ish liquid poop. Actually had a little bit of an accident that night, too. I thought maybe I had drank too much water right before bed, especially since I didn't eat for several hours before that. I ate bland and light the next day, and had no more liquid poo. However, things still feel "off" somehow- maybe a little bit of a stronger urge to go sometimes, more gas, smellier poop (actually a different color- lighter- than I was having before too.) To top it all off, today I felt lousy at work, when I have usually been feeling great and able to get through the whole day with enough energy. By the evening, I knew I must be running a fever- and I am. A very low one, just under 100 (though it did go to 100.1 for a bit), but still, everytime that has happened in the past, there ended up being something wrong.

So: more gas, change in pooping pattern, weird night of goodness knows what, and now a fever. Pouchitis or what?

(Oh, also, and I know this is already a long post, but I'm just disappointed because I had my last post-op with my surgeon a couple days before this all started, and he was so happy with how well I was doing, and I was so happy that I was done and all... and... sigh.)
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Thanks for the response... I actually feel a lot better today, no fever, and have only gone to the bathroom once so far (which is normal for me- once or twice in the morning, and not again until late afternoon/early evening.) I'll see how the rest of the day goes...

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