So I have had the pouch for 7 years now.  I have had pouchitis once.  It was severe cramping, diarrhea, couldn't fully go.  Went to bathroom at least once every hour.  I thought I have had the stomach bug the past few days.  Its been loose stools or diarrhea.  However, this has been ongoing for about 5 days now and not improving.  I am also having more urgency to go and burning sensation in the pouch.  Going about 10 X per day now compared to regularly of 6-8 X.  I do have a scheduled scope for this Friday as I have FAP and I have to have a routine one day every few years.  I am beginning to think this is pouchitis but I'm not sure as it is not presenting the same way as when I got it a few years ago.  Should I wait to get scoped? I'd hate feeling this way for three more days if it is pouchitis and have it get worse.  Or should I begin doing Cypro…


Any comments would be helpful.



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Same thing has happened to me in the past. Sometimes, a virus will knock things out of whack. This has happened twice now to me in the past three years. Antibiotics do tend to help so I'm thinking the virus alters the flora and then the "bad" bacteria takes over. Just a guess. 


Did you have any relief with the Cipro?

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