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Hello all,

I’m really frightened right now, I have no clue what could be going on. For three weeks I’ve had much more frequency, often having to go right after I eat. It was a pasty consistency (normal for me) but it’s slowly turned more and more liquid. I’ve dropped a bit in weight and I’m quite fatigued as of a few days. I haven’t gone to the doctor because I’ve been really stressed with med school midterms and I have a suspicion that it might be that anxiety doing me dirty. But the weight drop is really bothering me, plus my heart rate is crazy fast. Any advice? My therapist said it might be somatic, but I don’t know. I might have to call up my GI. Anyone ever go through the same thing?

Also, I have no pain or bloating, very minimal inconsistency sometimes when it’s really liquid.

Very worried that this might be something bad.

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Med school is a substantial risk factor for disease anxiety. I’m guessing you may have gotten dehydrated from the change in frequency and consistency, which (along with baseline anxiety) could explain the rapid heart rate and the weight loss. Rapid weight loss is nearly always just water. Perhaps you could call your doctor and get started on some Cipro or Flagyl (in *addition* to immediate rehydration)? Some doctors are happy to give it a try, and some will want to see you - it also helps if they know you well. In either case, the shortest path out of this is dealing with it. Good luck!

It sounds like what happened to me when I get super stressed. When the stress goes away everything goes back to normal. But that length of time is too long. I agree with Scott about dehydration. And when I was having a similar situation that wouldn’t resolve at 12 days I asked for Cipro. Fixed it right up. Maybe a little too well. But I don’t even know why Cipro works. But I’m glad I thought of it because my skin was shredded. Good luck!!


Yeah, stress i killer on my pouch. In my most ‘stress-free’ times my pouch worked like a charm and I never even though about it. Correctly in med school and it’s a pretty heavy load to carry. Any advice on how to handle that stress? I’m only 18 and this is the first time I’ve experienced the stress of a career or college. I’ve been through way tougher things (I almost died from UC for gods sakes!) but this college anxiety is killer to say the least!

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