I started on some strong pain meds for something other than my pouch the day before yesterday. I normally take percocet but this was necessary because I have another non-bowel surgery coming up and they are trying to keep me comfortable. I recently noticed that some people on this site have inability to empty when they have pouchitis. Yesterday i used the bathroom around 50 times. Just trying to get gas and a little something out. I took augmentin last night and this a.m. and felt a little better but now I am uncomfortable again. What things do you guys use to unplug yourselves again? I remember white grape juice and that didn't do it. I am also really bloated. ICK. I have also been feeling like I was getting sick anyway so I am wondering if this could be pouchitis. I have to say I have almost never been plugged up with my pouch.
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I have a BCIR so I can't comment on the jpouch issues but just wanted to say it isn't white grape juice it is red, or red wine will also work. There is an enzyme in the red grape that gets the stool runny. When I am not runny enough I drink thai tea and drink miso soup. Those 2 always get me going if grape isn't doing the trick.
Yes, people have found that the white grape juice seems to really help to get things going. But if you have a partial blockage you might want to move around as much as you can. Drink warm/hot liquids. Get on the floor on your hands and knees and quickly way your hips from side to side. Are you noticing pain in waves? One thing to note, if this is a partial (or full) blockage and you start to vomit or you're passing NO stool, you need to get to the hospital.

But if you were getting sick already maybe it's something that has to work it's way through. I hope this resolves for you soon.

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Kathy: I think the pain is in waves but I am also cramping from my fibroids, that is the surgery I am having. I hope that does not confuse the issue. Also I had my husband go to the pharmacy and ask what to do they dispensed Laevolac syrup. I guess it is some sort of saccharide. (lactulose) Anyway I made sure he told them i do not have a colon and they said it was OK and this was normal course for pain killer constipation. One other thing though, my husband was rubbing my tummy for me because it feels pretty good and he thought it felt really hard. If it continues we will go in in. Anyone else out there know any tricks to clean out the pipes let me know. Thanks!

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