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Hey all! Sorry for being so annoying, but sometimes I really rather have advice from people in my same situation than a doctor. So here’s a reoccurring situation:

I have normal consistency BM for a prolonged period of time, despite what I eat. Of course when I eat sugar it will waiver it a bit but nothing that a banana and a good soup can’t fix. But sometimes when I don’t eat well along the week, I’ll find myself having liquid output which really annoys me. The problem is that this liquid output won’t go away for a few days. I eat very rigidly and don’t even look at sugar, but it still won’t turn back to normal.

I’m going through this right now actually. For example today I’ve only gone twice to the bathroom after waking up at 1 pm. (I normally go 3-5 times a day). I’ve eaten insanely well, yet the first BM was liquid. The second time I went the first half was liquid and the other pasty consistency (my normal).

I feel like I have so many similar posts but the circumstances keep changing. My doctor was not very thorough when it came to my pouch life and now he’s passed away so… well you get it.

Does anyone go through something similar? I feel like this is just the consequences of not eating well but I’ve eaten clean for the past two days and nothing . Also, no I don’t take Metamucil or Lomodium because 1) They don’t sell that where I live 2) My replacement doctor says he thinks it’s a bad idea.

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Maybe it's a shift in the bowels microbiome when you keep eating questionable (whatever that means) food for several days. That would take some days to resolve. Have you tried probiotics?

It does not sound like pouchitis if there is no increased urgency to go to the toilet.

You can also order psyllium husk at a webstore if it's not sold where you live.

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