I was recently hospitalized for 2 days due to what (my GI and Doctors) are saying is simply a bad case of Pouchitis.

I've been dealing with this since the end of May. I've been on metamucil and VSL#3 as well as different kinds antibiotics my current one being; 500MG of Flagyl twice a day.

While I was in the hospital they ran a wide spectrum of tests (or so I'm told at least) and couldn't find anything to label as the cause so they told me it's just pouchitis and will clear up with Flagyl in 1-2 weeks.

The thing is, I take it and I get better for maybe 2-3 days (after 10 days of taking it) then I hit the floor worse than before. Bloody stools, severe pain. I can barely even take care of myself when it hits me.

I know they tested for C-Diff and that came back neg, but I'm wondering is there anything else I should request to have tested? at this point my family is worried I'll end up losing my jpouch from this beating its taking.

GI is telling me not to worry and that this is 'perfectly normal' from time to time. But if it takes months to clear up (in my case) then I minus will go back to having an Ostomy that way I can resume work and move on with my life.

Thank you for any future input.

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Did they test for CMV (cytomegalovirus)? It is uncommon, but not unheard of, particularly if you are immune compromised.

Jan Smiler
You say you have bloody stools. I was always under the impression that pouchitis doesn't produce bloody stool. Could it be that you have a bad case of cuffitis?

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