I'm wondering if anyone has noticed a possible link between the onset of Pouchitis symptoms and the onset of seasonal springtime allergies. 

I'm realizing that I'm seeing a trend here... Every May I develop fairly bad incontinence issues and other typical Pouchitis symptoms. 

Has anyone else noticed a correlation?  I'm wondering if something like Flonase could help. Worth exploring anyway. 



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I don't have seasonal allergies but I can say that I always had a colitis flare up with season changes and my pouch behaves the exact same way re pouchitis flares. My father had the sane issues with season change and his colitis flares as well, esp springtime. 

I remember when I was in the hospital for my j-pouch surgery that the nurses said they saw an increase of flare-ups for Crohns and UC in the spring and in the fall. I don't know what causes this or if pouch flare-ups seem to occur on the same schedule. My pouch flares-up when I eat to much sugar, starches, or get way to stressed for my own good. Interesting phenomenon though.

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