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ive recently found out that I’m pregnant and am wondering has anyone here dealt with chronic pouchitis during pregnancy? 

i was supposed to get started on humira but didn’t due to the covid19 outbreak as I was worried about being on an immunosuppressant.

i usually rotate cipro and flagyl, but flagyl has stopped working as well as it did for me recently. steroids didn’t work for me either.

im now in week 5 of my pregnancy and have very watery stools and some cramping as well but I’ve been able to eat and drink fine.


any advice would be really appreciated! 

my history is uc with large bowel removed in 2003 aged 10 followed by surgery for abdominal adhesions that same year .

jpouch created in 2008 and bag completely gone later that year. 

I was diagnosed with PSC in 2012 which is when the chronic pouchitis started. 

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