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Hey all. I've had my pouch a few years now and have had constant problems with pouchitis, emptying the pouch and just way too much gas in general.

I've noticed recently that the time between eating something and it being emptied from the pouch is way longer than it should be. I will barely be able to empty anything from the pouch for days and then suddenly it will all come at once.

I guess this explains the gas pains and pouchitis problems if everything is just sitting in the pouch for days on end. I've only recently had a dilation procedure and a camera inside the pouch and everything looked normal. though, so this isn't due to a stricture. Has anyone had a similar problem or any ideas of what the problem could be?
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In the mean time you might want to try to go on a more liquid/soft diet that includes white grape or apple juice and hot tea. You can see if that gets things to moving sooner.

I recently went had a small bowel study. The had me drink a barium mixture and then timed how long it took to get to my pouch. They took a x-ray of before I drank it and then every 20-30 minutes. It made my small intestines look white, like cement, as it coated them on the way through. They compared it to the last test I had 2 years before. 2 years ago it took 30 minutes to make it through my system, it's basically water, and this last test over 2 hours. It got hung up on my right side around my stoma scar tissue area. The news from this discovery, as long as everything is getting through all is ok Confused They didn't see a stricture, or narrowing or anything pushing on my intestines. You might have an adhesion or something pushing against part of your small intestines or something like this and this test might be helpful for you. Or you could find out your have a loop or kink or you could have inflammation. There's a lot of things they can rule out with the test and it's a really easy test. If I were you I'd ask my GI, C/R surgeon or PCP to order the test.

Good Luck!

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