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About a month ago I had a week of very watery stools, loads of urgency and feeling unwell. There was no blood or abdominal pain so I didn't think it was pouchitis but I went to the doctor and saw my specialist and he did a pouchoscopy that week, where he found ulcers and diagnosed pouchitis (I'm waiting for pathology results Monday).

Before I had the scope and started the steroid enemas I had a normal BM so I thought maybe it was just diet/ an infection, but we did the scope anyway.

Basically my question is, is it possible to have pouchitis that is self limiting and is it possible to have a normal bowel movement in  amongst  all the watery ones.

I go back to see my specialist Monday and I want to ask him about if there is anyway to prevent another episode, and if it could have been diet related. Are there any other topics you think would be good to talk about? 

I have basically been eating as I normally would if I had a colon but tend to avoid lots of nuts, seeds etc. Do you have any tips for firming up the stool or how to make it through the night without needing the loo? I have tried to eat earlier but I am starving by the time I go to bed. The week of enemas gave me a good nights sleep and I hope I can get that back without needing meds.

Thanks for listening to my long ramble! 

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Normally pouchitis is treated with an antibiotic, either Cipro or Flagyl. For most people 10-14 days clears up the pouchitis, often for a long time. If this is your first episode of pouchitis it might not be worth much effort or cost to try to prevent a future episode that may not occur. For folks with recurrent episodes a high dose probiotic seems to decrease the frequency of episodes. VSL #3 (now called Visbiome) is the best studied probiotic for this purpose.

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