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So I had my takedown from my 3-step jpouch surgery on January 6, 2011, and have been very healthy since then, but recently started having some issues. Lots of urgency, lower abdomen pain, some very loose stools. Is this what pouchitis feels like?

Treatment- How did your doctors treat pouchitis? Do you see a GI doctor or colorectal surgeon?

Pouchoscopy: I'm having a pouchoscopy (or sigmoidoscopy, but since no colon, yeah) this week. What prep do people usually do? They are telling me to do no prep, and I can eat and drink right up until then, but I feel like that is strange... Do you usually stop taking immodium before the pouchoscopy?

Sorry just lots of questions. Have really enjoyed being healthy these last few years after 10 years of ulcerative colitis and am super pissed I am dealing with this stuff again.

Thanks for any help you all can give!

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It sounds like pouchitis to me. It's usually easily treated with a couple of weeks of Cipro or Flagyl. I prefer a knowledgeable gastroenterologist to a surgeon, if one is available to you. Your prep is probably fine. A simple enema will clean out a J-pouch, so they are probably planning to do that on-site.
They usually tell me nothing to eat or drink but clear liquids after 7 or 8pm and they have me do 2 enemas.

Sounds like your way will be a good one. Go in lay down, go to sleep, wake up and all is done Smiler
The doctor isn't planning on doing an enema on site... My procedure isn't until 2:30pm in the afternoon. Also, they aren't planning on doing sedation... should they be?

I have NO prep whatsoever for all my j-pouch scopes. No matter what time of the day it is. I poop before I go in, although she has never even asked me to do that. She suctions out poop if she has to while she's in there looking, but it is never anything substantial.

Every doctor seems to have their own preferred prep requirements. I actually like it that my surgeon has none.

You'll do fine! And it does sound like pouchitis to me also.

Hope you feel better soon. Cipro has worked well for me the few times I had pouchitis. You should notice improvements even in a day or two.


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