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I really need some advise.  I am in so much pain after I go to the bathroom.  Then it all starts up, with pain and the urge to push and I am constipated.  I can hardly sit down.  The pain is so unreal.  Until I take one oxydone.  Then I start to feel better.  But after the medicine wears off I am right back to the beginning.  I have never felt a pain like this.  It showed in pouchoscopy I had mild cuffitis.  I have Canasa and Anusol suppositories.  They aren’t working. And this summer the doctor gave me a new suppository. Tacrolimus (it is a compound I had to have made).  That worked great.  I have been off all suppositories and doing great up until 2 weeks ago.  I can’t get anything to work.  I do have an appt with my GI in two weeks.  

So my question is:  could I have pouchitis?  I don’t have a fever or diarrhea.   Just the urge to push, shaking from the pushing and pain.  Lots of pain and urge.  I hate starting Cipro cause it makes me more constipated.  

I am at a loss.  If this is cuffitis and I have to live with it how has others done it.  I have never felt so much pain.  I don’t even want to eat anything so I don’t have to go to the bathroom.  And I tried probotics.  I was up all night!!!  

I do have Cipro if I should start it back up.  Half thinking I should and see if that cures it.  

Please any advice.  Thank you so much.  I am also watching what I eat.  Trying to eat no sugary items.  I only drink water.  I do try and walk everyday.  

Surgery:  January 2012, take down March 2012.

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Might your pain be related to an anal fissure? I had one several years ago, it causes pain after going to the toilet if something gets stuck in the fissure. I thought it was pouchitis / cuffitis for several weeks, until I finally found out.

With a fissure it helps to clean the anal region with water (shower), not only toilet paper.

Pushing is usually not a good idea. If you are constipated, have you tried psyllium husk added to a meal with enough water?

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