Hi AllyKat,
The answer is yes and no and no one can give you any promises.
The main difference between the 2 pouches is the exit strategy (continent valve vers natural exit) as well as the way the stool is maintained in the pouch to facilitate evacuation. In a j pouch you really want things thickened up to keep from going every hour and you want your motility down for the same reasons so you take thickeners and meds to slow things down...for the k pouch it is the exact opposite. You want it all liquidy and quick to evacuate. That should mean that there are no meds and that your pouch empties completely when intubated.
We also tend to irrigate our pouches regularly to get those last bits out of there so that there is very little residue left to cultivate those nasty bacteria that can cause so many problems.
The 1st 12 yrs of my k pouch's life I dealt with pouchitis regularly as well as other problems but managed to get a handle on things and at least in that domaine, I have not suffered much over the years (not including gastro and various bugs).
There are 2 schools here...those that would reuse your exisiting j pouch for a new k pouch and those that would start fresh. The advantage of the reuse is that you do not lose too much more gut in the process which is beneficial in both the long and short term and makes for a much shorter surgery. But...if your pouchitis isn't due to "stagnation & accumulation" of stool and bacterial buildup then you are back to square 1. The new pouch creation uses up an extra 30-50 inches of gut if I am not mistaken and can leave you wanting in the futur if you ever have any major problems. It is also a longer surgery although the post op convalecence is about the same.
So there you have it. Others will add stufff that I did not think of or know but at least with the k pouch you have less suppliments and need to go as often and remain fully continent even if you do get pouchitis.
Although what I did was considered controversial and unorthodox at the time (not so much these days) I went onto a full juice fast firstly (3 days) and then rebuilt my digestive health 1 element at a time. Started out with chicken breast, then a green veggie, followed by another animal protein and then another veggie...finally added the fruits but stayed totally away from carbs and dairy...that lasted for quite a while until my whole system balanced out. While doing that my GP put me on the very first perscription grade (customed it from the pharma-lab and it was fed-xed using refridgeration...potent stuff) probiotic.
It was a 30 day run and seemed to do the trick.
I have been pretty lucky since then and I am not sure if it is my pouch maturing or the whole dissociated diet that kept me stable but I honestly did not break the diet from 1992-2006...so it was probably a bit of both.
I also live in Europe and most of the food that I ate was 100% natural and non-refined nor prepared. Haven't eaten a delivery pizza in over 20yrs.
Nowadays they call it Paleo or some such but honestly it is just common sense to eat as simply and naturally as possible, avoid refined foods, junk, additives and chemicals if at all possible.
All that said, sometimes, no matter what you do, it just does not help. When I had a systemic infection (necrosis behind the pouch) I tried everything including sea-water irrigation of the pouch and antibiotic rinces but they just didn't help.
My motto is do your best and hope that it works.
Hi...I would do anything to save my Jpouch. The KP is wonderful but is not without risks.

My understanding is that if you experience pouchitis, you will continue regardless of type of pouch.

And, if you are a person with chronic adhesions, that is not conducive as you'll probably build them around the pouch causing constrictions and blockages.

I'd go for a consult and get all the information. Best to you! JANICE

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