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Hi everyone,

im a 19 year old boy who had my j pouch constructed last July, everything was perfect up until about beginning of December where I noticed a difference in the amount of stools I was going, I usually went around 3bm and 1bm night but as of March I am up to about 8-10bm a day and 3bm at night bad consistency. It has been confirmed I have pouchitis and some cuffitis going on but the pouch looks perfect other than that. I believe my flare ups came from protein powder I was taking for the gym, which I have now stopped. However I have been on metronidazole and cirpo which after my second course seem to be doing less for me and not thickening my stools or reducing pain holding in. I can only notice subtle differences on it. I take vsl as well which helps but I am awaiting a medication that will put me into remission and then start to use it a lot more to keep it that way. I was wondering how others have coped defeating pouchitis or cuffitis, and what medication it was that put them into remission


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If you want to thicken up your stool then psyllium powder might do the trick. A J-poucher usually does better with soft stools rather than formed stools, though no one likes watery stools. Cipro and Flagyl usually work pretty well on pouchitis, which commonly causes urgency and leakage/accidents. They may not do much for cuffitis, though, which could possibly be the source of your pain. Cuffitis is often treated with topical mesalamine (e.g. suppositories or enemas), which can take a few weeks to start working.

I agree with Scott’s post above 100%.

I have been on Canasa for over a year to keep my cuffitis from flaring. And I know from the pouchoscopy and calprotectin test that it is working as there is minimal to no inflammation.

probiotics never really worked for me and antibiotics worked for my SIBO. I do not have any history of pouchitis symptoms, so I am no help in that area.

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