Hi everyone.  I recently underwent 7 weeks of radiation to my abdomen and pelvis...so my jpouch was radiated.  I now have pouchitis and cuffitis.  A pouchoscopy last week showed inflammation, ulceration and moderate stenosis of the cuff.  I have days that I'm in so much pain.  I'm on suppositories but was wondering if anyone has had radiation and had their pouch "recover."  Some nights the pain is so bad that I'm in tears...Also, I notice if I have anything acidic to eat, the pain is worse at the cuff.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I've had my pouch since 1998 and I'm ready to get rid of it!!  Thanks!

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I didn’t have radiation but I did have 21 weeks of chemotherapy for ovarian cancer. It was BRUTAL on my pouch. I thought for sure I’d have to get it removed. The pain was unbearable at times. Actually most of the time. But I made it through, took lots of antibiotics during the chemo to help with the pouchitis and when chemo was done, it took about a few months to settle down, and for some reason now my pouch is better than ever. 

All of journeys are different, but I hope this gives you hope. 


Thank you. I’m not on anything for the pouchitis and I think the canasa suppositories are making things worse.  The internal burning is unbearable.

Hey everyone. Had a bad case of pouchitis about a week ago when I came back from vacation. Don’t know if it was the food or traveling whatever it was I goT sick. In the past I have always been prescribed antibiotics this time it wasn’t working. I tried something different this time I figured I’d share because I cured the pouchitis in 2 days. I usually drink 3/4 cups of coffee a day. I cut out all coffee for a day . I fasted for 12 hours to give my stomach a rest only drinking water. I took 2 align probiotic pills one in the morning one at night. After the 12 hours was up I ate yogurt with probiotic. Chobani and a banana. I also drank kombucha a probiotic drink  and only ate yogurt  whole wheat toast and a banana for 2 days. It’s a week later and no more pouchitis and no

antibiotics. I know everyone is different but this worked for me so I figured I’d share. Hope it helps

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