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I have had pouchitis 4 times over the course of a year. Each time, my symptoms were very different. The first time there was irritation, hard to empty and had loose stool. The second time, constantly watery stool and urgency. The third time, hard to empty, inflamed to the point where I thought pouch would prolapse, with light bleeding.

Each time I took antibiotics and this last time, 3 days before I finished treatment, irritation came back.

I resolved on my own by changing my diet and taking Visbiome. Symptoms improved immensely!

Fast forward 4 weeks, loose stools are back…. I don’t want to keep going on antibiotics, it has been 2 weeks and I have been only taking Imodium, benefiber with meals and my diet has remained modified.

I am not getting worse but not getting better. I just have loose water stools, no real urgency, blood or pain. Imodium and benefiber help sometimes.

If anyone can share any tips, tricks or experiences it would be greatly appreciated!!

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Hi Laura,

I am sorry you’re having so many issues. I have struggled with pouchitis similar to you as well.

I have found relief taking Xifaxin. Usually a two week course. The last time I took for 28 days. Then my GI doctor had me try Budesonide 9mg daily. Wow. What a difference. I eventually weaned off of the Budesonide about 8 months ago and have not had a problem since. Fingers crossed.

I do take VSL#3 twice daily and eat a pack of Metamucil wafers daily.

I hope you find what works for you. Take care.

Laura are you still taking Visbiome? You may need to take more for a longer period of time after getting off the antibiotics. I usually double up Visbiome for a week or so after being on antibiotics. I take Visbiome daily and cbd oil, adding the cbd oil has definitely improved my ability to stay off antibiotics. My GI said that this last scope was the best he has seen for me.

Good luck

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