I believe I am experiencing pouchitis. I have been on Tindimax (sp?) for several years & it has worked just fine in keeping pouchitis under control. I ran out of my meds a few weeks ago & Dr. Shen will not renew until I have a Pouchoscopy done. I have that scheduled for Jan. 24th. I have recently moved to SC & do not have a GI dr here, so until I see Dr Shen in a few weeks I’m out of luck. Does anyone know of a way to treat pouchitis or a way to ease the pain of it until I can get back on my meds? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. TIA

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I’m sorry! What’s especially unfortunate is that the pouchoscopy will show what your untreated pouch looks like, but it may have been more useful to see how well the Tindamax was working on the pouch. It can be helpful to reasses the untreated status (e.g. if you’d like to try to get off antibiotics), but it’s just cruel to do it without your consent and cooperation. I can think of a few possibilities for you, some of which might help:

1) If you have any doctor at all, or even can tell a good enough story to an urgent care doctor at a walk-in place, you might well be able to get an Rx that can tide you over. “Running out of meds” is an important part of how urgent care centers make their money. If you are having incontinence and/or urgency, these are a bit more persuasive than pain, simply because doctors can become numb to constant reports of pain.

2) This might be a good time to add a probiotic, like VSL #3, or to increase your probiotic dose. These aren’t great at treating active pouchitis, but in my experience they are much better than nothing.

3) Try reducing your carb intake (all sugars and starches). This doesn’t usually help immediately, but you might feel better.

Good luck!

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