I have been taking a lot of fiber to get my pouch to empty.  I go three days and then have to use a enema  I was on a lot of strong medicine .  Before when I got off the medicine my pouch would work ok.  I am worried sick on what to do.  I haven't called my Doctor which I will be doing tomorrow.  I  know I shouldn't use an enema but don't know what else to do.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Are you drinking enough water? What kind of fibre are you taking?  Fibre is capable of causing a blockage or I opening you up!  You can buy magnesium based powders a that draws fluid into your bowels to flush them and they are fairly safe for long term use of required

Hi Worried,

I am 12 days post Ileostomy reversal and trying to adjust to using my pouch. Day 10 I went two days without a BM, got worried, rang the hospital and under advice from registrar (who was looking after me in hospital) took a 20ml dose of Lactulose. That is the same product they give us here in hospital. Tastes like caramel syrup. Works for me every time after 4-6 hours. Admittedly I am running back and forth to the loo for about an hour once it gets going. 

I am going to try to be strong today and see if pouch empties by itself, and not take Lactulose. However it has been 2 days again since last BM. Is this going to be  my pouch routine? Totally goes against what I read where some go 4-6 times a day.

I hope you have found a solution by now. Perhaps 3 days is your routine? Has anything changed?

Hi. I am 5 months last takedown and also struggled with constipation. Went for days without a bm's. I now take a mild daily laxative Movicol but it is not enough and I stubbornly won't increase the dose. The worst is a dry stool will get stuck in the anus and will just not come out even with straining which is also not good. I feel like I want to gauge it out. I resorted to enimas self administered which worked but not keen to make a habit. Recently focussed on diet and exercise as solution and it has helped a lot. I eat 6 prunes a day and additional fibre in bran cereal and raw apples and veg. Mostly 2 liters of water a day is making the difference. I exercise a few hours a week.  I now have around 6-10 bm's a day. Small volumes but  welcome each one for relief. Still taking the mild laxative but hoping to wean off it soon. I do have odd accident and uncontrollable gas after big meals which I am still learning to deal with. My doc says I am still in adjustment and things will still improve. So still hopeful to come off laxatives altogether and fewer and more meaningful bm's. I long for the day to have a good old "dump" and walk away completely relieved! Bottom line...lots of water, raw foods and exercise helps.

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