For those that have had their jpouch removed and barbie butt... How long was that surgery? I realize everyone is different and some may have had complications, or more scar tissue, or maybe had something else done at the same time. But if all goes smoothly how long should that surgery take?

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I had my J pouch removed, bottom sewn shut and a BCIR constructed in the same surgery.  The total time for surgery was about 6 hours.  This time included about 2 hours for removal of dense adhesions from prior surgeries.  I do not think there is a “standard” time for these operations since it is often unknown what the surgeon will find once he gets inside.  What procedures other than J pouch and anus removal are you having?

Hi Roberto. I just had the j-pouch recently removed. It went smoothly and iniy took the surgeon 4-5 hours to remove. However, I did have a temp ileostomy prior, so the surgeon also had to change the ileo to an end ileo. I’m not sure how much more complicated the surgery if you are going to have the j-pouch removal and ileo creation all in one surgery.

Hope the surgery goes well should yoh choose to do the surgery. 


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