HI Jan, 

It would be great if we could make a topic header in the forums for pouch removal. 

The discussion threads for this are scattered throughout different topics.

Is that possible? worthwhile? It would certainly be helpful for those of us trying to face this surgery to find previous threads more easily. 

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SAFF and Jan,

Sounds like a good idea to me.  Many of us found The J-Pouch group after experiencing problems and the subject comes up frequently. I think it would be helpful for people researching their options.  

Could be worthwhile, but we have a lot of forums already. Have you tried using the search function to find topics? Let’s see what others think.


With a pouch removal coming up within the year, I agree that this sounds like a good idea.  I do use the search function which is very helpful, but it would be more convenient to have everything in one forum.

If it's not too much trouble..

So much information could be taken out of here and kept there. 

Questions wouldn't interfere here and alot of us could have a forum for something that happens to many of us. 

I know it's not up to me but I vote yes. 


I also think having this is a good idea.  This way, there will be many posts on this topic in the same place.

OK. Sounds like there is interest. I could even move some topics to the forum. I will need to notify Bill J. I cannot create new forums. Maybe he can remove one and replace it with this subject. We have several forums that are seldom used.


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I’d suggest we consider a name like “pouch failure,” which is a bit broader than “pouch removal.”

Thanks Jan, I think pouch failure could work too if you think that's better - I think that may get a little blurry with all kinds of pouch problems.. " pouch failure and removal..?"

I did notify Bill J about this and he is thinking about it. One issue is that we have a lot of forums, yet most of the activity is in 3-4 of them.


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