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I am scheduled to have my pouch removed on August 28th. It has been an extremely painful and emotional decision to come to. I have fought for 10 years and the lost. I now see it as not only the right decision, but the only decision. I have tried every trick in the book and all have failed. I am looking forward to feeling good again. I am looking forward to be able to live in the moment and experience the joy that life has to offer.
I know that I have rough recovery ahead of me, but am trying to focus on the long term goal. I want to thank you for all the support you have all given me while I traveled down this road. I would welcome any advice those that have been through this have offer. Whether it be practical advice about what to bring to the hospital, what to have on hand once I get home or advice on just how to cope. Thanks.
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Hello Maximaus,

Dr. Jeff Cohen was my surgeon for my j-pouch back in 1992. He was wonderful. I had about four good years with the j-pouch and then developed a chronic vaginal fistula. I moved to Florida in 1998 and Dr. Cohen helped me find good surgeons down here. Eventually in 2007, I threw in the towel and had my j-pouch removed and anus closed by Dr. Juan Nogueras, an old friend of Dr. Cohen's from way back when they did their residences together. I now have a permanent ileostomy and am so grateful to get my health back.

You'll do fine under his skilled care and concern. You are in good hands. I suffered for 16 years and finally found the courage to get the j-pouch out and the ileostomy in. It's not an easy decision. You're courageous and brave. Good luck!

Congratulations on making such a great decision to get back your quality of life. I had my jpouch removed in March of this year and what an amazing improvement on my overall well being it has been.
So for the next few weeks- might I recommend that you eat as healthy as possible, exercise, and sleep lots. You want to go into this surgery in the best condition you can possibly be. Also have fun for two weeks. Recovery might be long but keep in mind.. once recovered... you are done done done. You can get on with your life.
For me - I made sure my house was in tiptop clean condition before I left and had easy GI foods stocked. Brought an eye mask to the hospital, my nook, and ipod. The ipod and eyemask really helped me get through the long nights.
Again- congrats on your brave and awesome decision.
best wishes.
Good luck. I had my surgery done at the end of June and I have no idea when I will go back to work. I had lots of complications and now having some rectal wound issues. This surgery at least for me was way harder than the pouch creation. Make sure you have someone in the hopital with you I could not have gotten though it without my sainted mother there. You will be in my prayers.
I had my surgery done in march and am still not back to work. But I had tons of complications which hopefully you won't experience. I too, like Gmarie am dealing with rectal wound issues and have had to have multiple EUAs including an upcoming one for that.
just remember, regardless of how long you are out of work, once you are healed.. you are done done done!!!

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