HI all,

I have done it. My pouch is GONE! 

It took me a few years to gain the courage to face my 5th major abdominal surgery. So I have massive relief to be on the other side of it, with no major complication so far.

Surgery was 2 April. I had a week in hospital, and got home a few days ago.

In hindsight I wish I never had it. I had a difficult time with it for many years, and think I would have had better a quality of life without it. But I can look forward to that now I hope.

I had a couple of fistulas which were contributing to the difficulties which are now also gone. 

I also had a section bowel constricted in adhesions which was contributing  to   frequent  bowel obstructions. That is now sorted too. It took 5 hrs. 2hrs to deal with the adhesions first. 

I had to stop Humira 1 mth before surgery for my migratory joint pain, and am also going to try and stay of this and see how I go. So far no joint pain.

I am so relived to be on this side of it. Body is tender and a sore, but I feel so fantastic for pushing through this very difficult period of another surgery and hopefully have a better life ahead of me. 

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Yay! How awesome for you.  I hope all continues to go well.  My son will be having his removed in a couple of months.  Looking forward to him being on the the other side and getting on with his life.

Where did you have it done?

It's not that bad as everyone thinks on this side. 

Hindsight is ... well. You know. 

A dreaded situation ends up being where I needed to be all along. 

All the problems leave with the pouch. 

Mine did anyways.


Heal well. Heal fast! 

Hi Saff, you are really brave that would have been a difficult decision. Please keep me posted on whether the joint pain comes back or not, I'm so curious about the connection between j-pouch and arthritis.

Hey Momma, in Australia with Prof. Solomon. Yes thanks Richard - I am hoping to emulate your journey!! Hi Andrina, the main thing for me is being well, and active and medication free (hopefully). So if that's what its going to take I'm good with that. Much rather that than constant issues and challenges. Drone 3 It was a very difficult decision that was years in the making  - I am so relieved to be on this side of it. Recovery is going well , best of the bunch for me so far. 

Sounds like your doing well already. 

It took me a month after getting out of the hospital to come to terms with it and accept it. Once I did. My life changed 100% for the better. No regrets.


Oh I’m already feeling good about it and haven’t had any serious pain relief for a couple of days - pretty good 11 days out ! 

I was in the hospital 11days after. Only because my surgeon wanted to keep an eye on me. Lol.  Not because I had problems.  She knew me well from prior surgeries. 

I don't follow instructions well. Hahaha. After 11 days they let me go. 

I was fine by then. Now that your out its just time and patience.  It got better everyday after I got out.  Not like previous surgeries   I got worse. 

Having the removal and ileo was a breeze compared to the previous 3 surgeries.  That's when I knew I did the right thing and knew I was gonna be ok.

My best to you! 


Saff, thank you for sharing. I actually logged on today to the site for the first time in a while hoping I could find a post regarding pouch removal. For some reason I didn't think I would and have been feeling like I'm the only in the pouch world considering having it removed. I feel much better now though knowing it does happen to others where a point is reached that removal is necessary. I had my original surgery four years ago and have had nothing but constant flares. Last hope has been xeljanz, which isn't working. I'm happy to hear you're well and that people do have the reversal done. I wish you continuous success in recovery. 

Hi Mike, oh  am glad to provide some comfort for you then! There are actually quite a few people here that have had it removed- it’s just not so obvious to find as we don’t have a separate topic for removal - it would be easier if we did. But if you use the search bar at the top of the page and search ‘pouch removal’ you will find plenty of other people experiences also. 

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