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i had my pouch operation and loop ileostomy formed 17 days ago.

I am still in hospital due to a distended stomach, ileus, infection, blood in abdomen and feeling really weak and not able to walk much . Had any one had a similar thing here they were in hospital after this operation for a prolonged period?

feeling quite hopeless at the moment !

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I am sorry to hear of your situation. I had a post surgical ileus and infection after surgery, and as well dangerously low potassium levels. I was in the hospital for 8 days. This was back in 1992. I thought it was possible I could die especially as I was throwing up for hours due to the ileus before I got the NG tube for around 24 hours. The theory on my infection was I tore my abdominal staples from vomiting due to the ileus.

In any event I survived that ordeal. It's a serious surgery and complications of this kind are not unusual. Hang in there. I got through it and you will too.


I certainly can relate to your situation. I had complications (fistula requiring life saving emergency surgery), and poor pouch function for the first 6 months of its existence.  I spent a total of 40 days in the hospital in 2021.  The feeling of helplessness and the tears I shed were overwhelming at the time.

I will tell you what others told me at the time. It is very early in the process and your story is not yet written.

Our bodies have an incredible capacity for healing. Mine did and so will yours. You just have to give it time (btw, I hated hearing that comment).

You will get thru this!

I’m sorry you’re struggling! I know some (like me) have issues with anaesthetic making the intestines overly sleepy and slow to waking up. I remember during that step I had a longer stay because of this and was vomiting a lot of bile.

Once you are able to walk more it should help your recovery. I think it feels so much worse when you’re in hospital, hopefully you get to go home soon and progress with your recovery. Wishing you all the best x

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