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I'm going in for J-Pouch excision surgery soon and I was hoping some of you could help with my prep please. I'll be having my pouch removed and a permanent ileostomy put in, so they'll be closing up my back passage (the ol' Barbie Butt I think it's known as 🤣)

I just wanted some feedback from anyone who's had this surgery please as to what type of cushion is best to get to help in my recovery? I've heard people say that sitting can be very uncomfortable for a while afterwards and that cushions can help (like a doughnut cushion, or a sausage shaped cushions etc). But Its hard to find these kind of answers anywhere because it seems quite a rare surgery, and what is written on the internet is almost never written from a patients perspective.

So any advice you guys could give about what to expect, or anything you recommend I buy in advance that might help with day to day life in the weeks after the operation would be appreciated. Or if you have any tips and tricks that aren't very well known... if you found anything in particular (no matter how small) that helped you recover from this surgery please?

Thanks in advance


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Click on General Discussion. Then do a search for "failed j-pouch, needs excision." When the entries for that come up, scroll down to Roseviolet, which is me. I went through quite a bit of info here. Do NOT get a donut cushion. It will pull apart your butt cheeks and break open your stitches. You need a waffle cushion. Your hospital should give you one to use and they will send you home with it. There are those who thought the butt closing was painful, but in my case it was nothing more than a dull ache and I only needed the cushion for 3 or so weeks. I had dissolving sutures, so no need for removal pain, either. I really didn't  have to do anything special for this surgery or recuperation and since then it has been life as usual with no special needs.

Hey Roseviolet,

That's really useful, thank you .. just looked at the post you mentioned, d'oh, sorry I rehashed an old question! I thought I'd looked through most of them but I somehow missed that one, which is identical to what I was asking, I didn't mean to be that lazy!

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, I was very close to just buying a doughnut cushion 🤣 shows what I know!

I'm glad your op went well and you had a good recovery tho 👌👌

FF 😊

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