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Hey, I have a couple of queries on the excision surgery if anyone's able to help please...

I know it's very individual and depends on the level of scar tissue/adhesions they find when they look inside; but does anyone know approximately how long the pouch excision surgery is please? Op is to have J-Pouch removed, Barbie bum etc, and perm ileo created. Pouch is being removed due to fistula complications.

Also.... I had a temp ileo back in the day on my right side, until they formed my JPouch. When they create my perm ileo, will it have to be on the other side of my tummy, or will they be able to reuse the old stoma scar?

And lastly... Sorry if this is a bit personal..  I've been wondering what the ol' Barbie bum actually looks like post op, do you still have bum cheeks and the crack in between, and it's just that the actual anus that is sewn shut? Or is it bigger than that? I'm assuming (hoping) they don't sew your entire cheeks together so the scar is visible externally? If that makes sense.. and sorry it's graphic.. I've not been able to find any images of normally healed wounds, Google just wants to show me all the wounds that didn't heal! 😂

Thanks in advance,


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Hi FF!

Happy Holidays! Hey, it took me a long time to look at what used to be my butt, but, I finally did and it looked like it never was there… hmmm .

Now, unfortunately for me, I’m not blessed with a lovely rounded derrière, so, I do feel a bit of a tug when I’m climbing into a high seated vehicle. Also not comfortable on a bike seat. But then us flat butted folks always are seat challenged. Pun intended.

Honestly, it doesn’t take long to get used to it at all, a few weeks and it’s all healed .

Best of luck to you


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