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Hi guys I currently had my takedown surgery a week ago and am currently experiencing some bloating & pain when using the toilet. The past few days have been a nightmare, I am in tears when trying to pass and it seems hard to get rid of gas I have as well. Any helpful tips on what I can be doing to help with the pain? I feel like I have to push but very little or nothing comes out and it just makes the pain even worse (especially were my wound is at) I did find bending over helps while on the toilet but Im still having pain and trouble passing stool & gas out.


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It takes time I'm nearly one year out and feeling almost normal but everyone is different. My first few months were bad with butt burn,soiling and gas pains,a travel bidet,calmoseptine and a hair dryer after bowel movements helped and now I just use toilet paper.I find loperamide helps with butt burn .butt everyone is different , it takes time.for me no eggs,sugar or carbonated drink helps and no dairy or overeating.


Thanks, I kinda knew what to expect but you can never be “ready” to whats coming.. I spend so much time on the toilet trying to poo or pass gas and by the time I get back to bed or my sofa The urge comes again. For the butt burns I made sure I got me a bidet & some type of ointment for when I go, so far it has helped on that part. Still trying to figure out food triggers since im so new & literally scared to try to eat anything..

To begin with my recommendations are:

- Patience……more patience…. repeat, second watch what you eat, do your best to stick to low residue foods and pouch safe like plain chicken, bread, rice, mashed potatoes, etc., totally try your best to stay away from products that generate gas, no sodas or carbonated drinks.
Find a way to walk it out…. When you walk even a bit at the time your gut likes it and allows your pouch to help ease the evacuation.  Try using the toilet when is time not when you feel it could be time… meaning being to “hold it” five minutes at the time and progression will be your friend.  It is totally normal what you are going through and IT WILL GET BETTER.
You will feel that you “have to empty” for a long time before your body really needs to empty, It is part of the process.  We all have felt the same and other than beginning to find things that work for you and trying some suggestions just trust your body, and your “gut” intuition (punt intended)

There is not answer to pass gas easily at the beginning, be kind to yourself, try a warm water bag or pad on your side where there is not wound or lower back, it will make your bowel and body relax some times the bowel gets stress and makes it hard to release gas.  Don’t jump to the first feeling of urgency even if an accident happens, just do your best not to over react and I promise it will be better.
always count on finding help here so feel free to search around for other suggestions there is much experienced poachers here and great resourceful people.  

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