I just got home from the hospital from my second takedown. Surgery went really well and also included what I am guessing was a pretty intense dilation for a stricture. My surgeon said he had to use a clamp just so he could get a finger in.

I am 6 days post op and have the most severe anal pain that I have ever had. I'm having to take more pain meds than after any of my surgeries and I'm just not sure what is going on. Do you think this is from the dilation? Is this normal? The pain is very sharp and constant. Going to the bathroom is pretty painful but not too much worse than just the pain that I fell all the time. It is constant. I am also having painful rectal spasms that just take my breath away which I remember also from last time. Thought things would be a little easier this time around..

Thanks for the help!
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I am happy you are posting about about your pouch advancement surgery, but I am so sorry for the pain you are experiencing. I wish I could offer you an answer to your question. The only thing I can think of is the dilation and clamp must have made things pretty sore down there and you may see some relief in a few days. I know after a normal dilation, I am often sore for a couple of days.

Has your surgeon developed any type of follow up plan for the stricture? Please post as to how you are making out. I am wishing you the best! I am still on the fence about having the surgery as I am still fighting pretty chronic cuffitis also. It would be so nice to wake up one day and never have to think about your back end discomfort and I hope this surgery will eventually provide that relief for you.
I'm sure the anal pain is from the extensive and intense dilation you got. Ouch! That will feel better as you heal from it. Hope you feel better soon!

When I developed an anal stricture, it was very difficult to empty. I always felt like I had a bowling ball lodged in my butt. I would have to strain to go with little coming out, then I would clean up, stand up and feel like I had to go again. It was a vicious cycle. Also my insides my crazy loud gurgling noises all the time but especially when the pouch started getting full. It was just uncomfortable all the time. That's the best I can describe it.
Thank you all. I'm still continuing to have really severe pain. I've upped my pain meds a bit so was able to function a little better today but this was really not something I was expecting. My pouch seems to be working well though!

Jeane - I know this surgery has been such a difficult decision for you. It's definitely hard going through several surgeries again - really hoping I'll be able to give you a positive update in a few weeks. My surgeon doesn't have a plan as far as the stricture which he says 9 out of 10 people with a hand sewn pouch often develop. I think it is more of a wait and see kind of thing.
wow...9 out of 10 people is a high amount for stricture formation. Did he tell you why that is?
I certainly hope they can do something to help correct the stricture. As it is now, I go for repeat dilations for my stricture at the anastomosis so having the advancement surgery further concerns me as I bet I would fall into the 'stricture formation' population.

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