ive had numerous doctors surgeons and friends say post surgical depression and anxiety are often caused by anesthesia. in trying to speed recovery i was put on celexa but it seems to create a lot of pressure on my bladder and anus and read constipation and urine retention are side effects. does anyone have a success story to remedy this darkness i find myself in?
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The only non-medicinal remedy that I have ever found that helped me (I don't, personally, like meds and don't like what I feel like on them) so I use exercise to control my moods and feelings post op..since I can't run anymore (never really could) I walk miles with an MP3 full of music that I have collected and that makes me feel good...I walk about an hour a day, most days, and it does wonders, I feel stronger, more at peace and it tires me out sufficiently to help me sleep better at night. It also helps clear my system of the anesthetic and other drugs and gives me better muscle ton after weeks and months of bed rest.
If you can't walk for long periods try short little walks a few times a day...it is not a miracle cure but it is an all round aide for what is ailing us and clears our minds of the cobwebs.
Hope that this helps a little bit.
Also, you may need to be a bit sad for a while post op, you have been through major trauma and big changes as far as your body and your biology go and you may suffer some post traumatic shock due to this all...so allow yourself to feel some pain and disorientation...it is normal.

Wishing you the best in your recovery.
Please call your doctor or pharmicist about how to wean off of it. I've tried antidepressants before that gave me side effects too. If you want to try something else there are many others out there. Maybe once you quit taking it you will decide you don't need anything.
thank you guys so much. i will definitely walk because i dont like being inside to much. makes me feel trapped. the loop ileo is making me feel trapped as well. way worst than the end ileo. the bladder and butt side effects came on day 2 of celexa so i dont think ill need to wean but thanks for the advice. i agree and also do not like or feel good on meds. its been that way forever...

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