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Hi everyone. I have been trucking along with my jpouch for 5 years with off and on bouts of pouchitis. 4 weeks ago I suffered a heart attack and have been changing up my diet to include more fruits, vegs, and whole grains. Pouch was happier on new diet...until a blockage. I was able to get things moving on my own, but saw my dr about it because I developed a fever. Everything looked good from his end and surmised the fever is from an angry intestine. Still have the fever a day later, no appetite, and still few/watery bm’s. Will this take a while before things totally resolve? And what the heck am I supposed to eat for a healthy heart!?!

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Sorry to hear that honey! I am glad you made it though I would definitely say eat Greek Yogurt and oatmeal. Oatmeal is a healthy heart diet, that is amazing for the heart.

Drink water: before, during, and after each meal. That is a good hydration method and it keeps the blood thin.

Move around gently since you are a heart attack survivor, walking is a good idea or riding bike but not vigorously.

Hopefully you do not get another heart attack, but if you do. Chew four  81mg Asprin tablets, that helps the heart attack, I read that in a heart office. Still call 911 though.

Good luck honey

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