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Hi guys!

Not posted for a while. Since i last posted i ended up having a bowel perforation and now have an ileostomy with a jpouch which is for the best as ive not had any bowel obstructions since. Horay for FAP and desmoid tumours 🙄

Ive been trying to search past posts but there is no search bar on the browser I'm using (chrome) so apologies for posting a regular topic!

im worried my jpouch has become lazy or prolapsed as im unable to pass mucous and feel like i have difficulty relaxing and have to put pressure on my anus for anything to come out (noticed this in the oast few days) . I have spoken with my internal pouch nurse about problems with leakage and irritation and I have been told I will need to irrigate as she thinks my pouch isnt emptying fully.

Ngl im freaking out a bit at the possibility my pouch is dud and I'll have to have more surgery (not ideal really as I have a Desmoid tumour near my jpouch and don't want to irritate it).

Can anyone give some helpful advice?



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I don’t think it’s reliable to judge pouch failure based on how it behaves while you have a loop(?) ileostomy. I think that’s your current anatomy, right?

The search function here is the little magnifying glass icon next to the word “DONATIONS” along the top of the window. I’m pretty sure it works in Chrome, too.

I was just asking for some useful advice... 

I have an loop ileostomy (no large bowel!). My jpouch which hasnt been functioning like it has since jan, and I'm just a bit concerned its not acting how it usually should. I feel its gotten worse so you cant blame someone for thinking its not working... 

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