I am a week post takedown. I have been home from the hospital for two days. I am having a rough time. Pooping is not my issue, that is fine. Normal diarrhea and I have been going a lot during the time, 6x already today and it's 5pm.

I am having other issues though. The cramping I get on my left side is awful. They have me gas drops to use but they are a hit or miss. My staples on my right side are still pretty painful. I am avoiding taking too many pain meds because I know that it causes constipation which obviously isn't good either.

I had a 99.5 fever last night. Got really hot and cold. Took tylenol and laid down with a cool face cloth. It broke within an hour. I had another small one today of 99.1. A cool cloth helped that too. I'm drinking water and gatorade.

I am having a horrible time eating. I can't seem to eat anything! The smell of food makes me nauseous and when I start eating, I just can't keep going. I take two small bites and I don't want to do anymore. I get cramping at the same time which doesn't help. And don't get me wrong, I AM hungry. Having an appetite is not the issue, eating is. I barely get down a small container of applesauce or pudding. Has anyone else had similar issues with eating right after takedown? I hope so.

I have no butt burn thank goodness. So that end is working well. I look like a hunchback too. I can't stand up straight. It hurts my chest too much when I do. So walking hasn't been good either which my surgeon told me is very important for me to do when I get home. I've been sleeping more than walking for sure. Walking hurts my stitches and the cramping. I have been doing some stretches and leg exercises to keep blood moving but that's about it. I hope that as the days go by things will get easier.

If anyone dares to read all of this, I would love any advice I can get. Of if anyone has similar struggles, please mention so that I know I'm not alone. Thanks.
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Staying on top of the pain is really important, in my opinion. I don't think this is the time to be reluctant to take pain meds. Your body will tell you when easing up on them is appropriate. You'll feel much more like walking, etc. if you are not in pain. Your reaction to food sounds familiar. Try to stay hydrated above all and eat very small amounts of foods which seem interesting to you. Eat more frequently than you would ordinarily but just eat a bit each time. Most of what works for us is discovered by trial and error. Don't be hard on yourself. You are really at the beginning of this healing process and things will change for you. Keep writing and let us know how you are doing.
All of what you're experiencing is actually normal. Many people experience nausea after this surgery.

Most of us are hunchbacks for a while. Try to stand straight if you can. A little more straightness each day.

Since it seems that your pouch is behaving very nicely I think you'll find that things will get better. It IS a fairly slow process so try not to measure day-to-day improvements. Try to measure improvements by week or month.

Gatorade may not be the best product because it has so much sugar. Try to drink electrolyte replacement products.

It will get better.

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I couldn't even look at food for a about a week after I got home from takedown. It just made my stomach turn. Then one morning I woke up starving and started eating and the rest is history! So all you are feeling is normal I would say too.

And I agree with CeeeeCeeee that you should take your pain meds when needed. You just had the surgery. I think you will feel much better if you do.
I think the good news is that it is definitely normal to be going to the toilet that often after takedown - we've all been there! The pain from the staples will pass when your wound heals. Your body has been through an incredible amount, not just during the past few weeks, but the years you've had UC, so all of this is recuperation from that, not just the op. It will take time, but you will get there! I was hunched up for ages - I felt like an old grandpa! I used to stand with my back to the wall, and very slowly try to push each vertebrae against the wall, from the bottom up. Each day I could get a little higher.

Good luck - it will get better x

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