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Shizen guys, I just got diagnosed with pneumonia from a chest x-ray it came from a virus. I need to speak to my GI and Rheumy to figure out the game plan.

Im taking Humira/2 weeks  MTX/weekly, would I need to stop these? Im really not sure if i can function without my meds. I'm also terrible with anti-biotics they literally wreak havoc in my system destroys the delicate balance of my gut.

Has anyone beaten pnuemonia? what worked, what didn't? How long will it take to get over?

any thoughts would be so appreciative

trying to stay positive


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I am on Remicade for 4 years, had pneumonia this past spring and all that happened was we delayed an infusion until I was symptom free.  We delayed the infusion by about 10 days and it was then given after I stopped exhibiting symptoms. That was per GI orders.  You should make sure your GI knows and let him or her make the call on whether to delay treatment.  Delaying treatment 1-2 weeks while you recover from pneumonia should not be a huge deal.

I had another x ray in June which determined the pneumonia was cleared but I have had a chronic cough ever since which was determined to be due to inflammatory airway disease, bronchiectasis.

BTW I had one of the pneumonia vaccines before I got it and one after (prevlax).  They do not prevent all strains of pneumonia especially the viral strains.

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Thanks so much for the advice...I'm finally over the pneumonia.

I skipped one week of MTX and delayed my Humira until after I finished the 5 penicillin injections, which really knocked it on the head. I took a few different probiotics at the time and after. I also went on serotide athma spray for a few weeks and found that thyme herbal tea really helped my lungs. 

Summer has arrived in Australia and I'm hoping the warm air allows my lungs to fully recover as they can get sensitive to the cold air.

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