Help!  Any women out there have worse pms pain since surgery?  

I had surgery 10 years ago and over the last several years my pms symptoms have gotten significantly worse.   I have right sided pain that seems to occur during ovulation and often wakes me up.  Pain is in my right lower back, right hip and extreme pain in right thigh.  So debilitating that I can't do anything!

My period is often heavy to the extent I have had to have 7 iron infusions in the last year.

My Gyn is not sure why, I've had ultrasounds and do not have cysts, endometriosis etc.

Question is, anyone else experience this?  Could it be scar tissue from jpouch?  Anyone have suggestions for relief?

Thank you!


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Hi Charlotte,  your increased pain could be unrelated to your jpouch surgery.  When I was in peri-menopause (around 40+) I had unbearable pain, heavy bleeding that lasted 10+ days, and frequent periods.  I exercise daily, so that did not help.  Finally I went on the lowest dose hormone (birth control) pill and that made a huge difference.   This was all prior to my jpouch surgery.  

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