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Sorry I have not been around much lately. My step-mom was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago and was placed on hospice care about a month ago. She is slowly dieing, and has a very strong heart and will to live. I have been busy helping out daily (we kept her home at her assisted living apartment). In addition, my husband is preparing for a complex trial and is needing my paralegal help. So, I've had a full plate lately. Even returned early from a weekend trip because of the step-mom issue.

So, be patient with me...


Jan Smiler
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Just popping in for a moment. She's still hanging in there, actively dying for two weeks now. We hired a live in caregiver, and it is a good thing too, or my step-sister and I would be completely wrung out. Mom is still coming around and asking for water, which is just prolonging things. The hospice nurses keep saying, "days away," but she's fighting it. Sad to watch, but we are keeping her comfortable...

But, the daily visits, refilling meds for the caregiver, meeting with hospice, etc...wearing us down.

Jan Smiler

Sorry to hear of your troubles - we've already been through it with my in - laws but my Mom s still hanging in at 94.

The worry and strain of caring for an aging and seriously ill parent can sure burn you out in a hurry. You have my sympathy.

I'm with you on the take me quick ( don't want to go sitting' on the John!)

Just checking in again. My step-mom died last week, so we've been busy with the arrangements and trying to sort through some of her stuff. Hubby is still in trial too, so bit of a pressure cooker here.

Hopefully, things will settle down by the end of the month.

Wish me luck, and thanks again for everyone's kind words and support.

Jan Smiler
Thanks everyone! As many of you know, the real work begins after the death of a loved one, as nothing can happen while you await the inevitable. So, the viewing, memorial, an interment are over, and we now move forward to emptying the apartment and settle her estate.

But, tomorrow I relax. We are headed to San Francisco for a stay on Nob Hill and dinner at the kitchy Tonga Room. Celebrating our 36th anniversary. Should be fun.

Jan Big Grin

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