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anyone out there had plastic surgery for either correcting abs cosmetically or perhaps because of some other reasons to get into that area and be invasive.. (like other issues in that area the stomach?)

how did it turn out?were you told you were at greater risk than other people?dr.shen my g.i has strongly objected to me doing anything invasive to correct my abs he justified or just very careful..

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Hi Rebe,
I had plastic surgery to correct my 'butt abdomen'....I had a very uneven result post k pouch and ended up with about 2-3lbs or more of excess fat accumulated on one side hanging over my stoma. I also had 9 scars zigzagging all over the place. I now have 15!
He did not do a good job and I made him redo it twice but I still look like someone who needs plastic surgery and not someone who had it fault...I should never have trusted him when he said 'trust me'!
So now I need it fixed because I do not intend to stay this vigilant on who you choose and make sure that they give you the details of what they are planning to do.

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