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Im going in for my second stage surgery in august then if all goes well ill get my takedown in November. Right now i have an illeostomy and i can eat anything i want except popcorn and nuts. I do enjoy pizza from time to time. When i have my jpouch will i still be able to eat pizza? Anybody have any insite they can share?

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I live in the New Haven area where some of the best pizza in the world is made "New Haven style." There in New Haven exists the "Holy Trinity" of pizza- Pepe's, Sally's and Modern, all of which have been in business since at least 1930, and all of which regularly finish in the top 10 in national pizza competitions. 

The only problem I have ever had with pizza was in 1992, about 30 days after takedown, when I ordered a pepperoni and anchovy pizza and ate a whole small pie to celebrate my 30 day takedown anniversary.  And I washed it down with V8 juice. That sent me to the emergency room with a diagnosed sodium overdose, in fact the ER doctor said it was the highest sodium level he ever saw.  Symptoms were excruciating kidney pain.

You have to remember the colon regulates sodium and potassium levels in the body so when it is removed, initially, you are prone to low and high sodium and potassium levels depending on what you eat.  But over time and months/years your body adjusts and you will be able to eat a whole small anchovy and pepperoni pizza pie.

These days, when I am not in downtown New Haven or able to get to one of the Holy Trinity which are all great, I like a place called Fire and Slice in East Haven which specializes in both barbecue and pizza.  Their pizza is a thin crust New Haven style, and I usually get one with sausage, bacon, spinach and onions. Unfortunately they are temporarily closed at the moment due to having problems with their meat supplier from what is posted on their website.  I hope they are back open soon.  Initially after Covid 19 broke out they had been running an excellent take out operation until they closed on May 10. They also make really good sides including house made jalapeno cheddar cornbread and broccoli salad.  I hope they are open again soon!

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