As the saga continues for me....! I am now entering week 7 from takedown and I have had to go to a picc line for nourishment. I have regional enteritis, thrombosed hemmorhoids, fever still. I have never had any relief as of yet from this surgery! Surgeon felt as though we need to shut down everything including j pouch. So, I am on 24 nourishment for now! Getting the pic line was a friggin nightmare, too! Of course, I have small veins on the left arm and they had trouble. Two RN's tried and then they went to the right arm and that was a breeze. So, greatful for that! I am 5'9-1/2 tall and down to 115 lbs. not good! Hopefully, this will work. Stay tune....!
Trying to keep the faith....
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Oh Roberta I'm so sorry. I hope this does the trick for you. Do you know how long you need to have this? All my complications were after my first step of surgery so I can totally relate to your anguish. I walked around with a drain tube drilled thru my butt cheek for 7 weeks draining an abscess. As hard as it is to believe, better days are coming! Hang in there sweetie!
I hope they get everything sorted out for you Roberta, sounds like you're going through a rough time. I had to rock a picc line for over a month for nurishment my first stay in the hospital with UC, they are no fun, I hope you recover quickly Smiler

I know what you mean about the PICC line. I was so underweight by the time I got mine, they had a hard time getting a good vein. Luckily my arm was so numbed from the local, that I didn't feel them poking around as much as they actually were. It was only later than I saw some of the marks that I realized how much trouble it was.

One thing to caution you about, though, just in case you may have been given the wrong impression: you will not actually gain weight on TPN, but it will ensure you get the nutrients you need while you're system gets a rest. Hopefully this is the kickstart your body needs on the road to recovery.
Sorry to hear Roberta. I'm sure you must be so discouraged. I had a picc line in February and they just took it out about 2 weeks ago so I can relate.

Hang in there. There has to be better days ahead for us. Sorry you are going through such a rough time.

You know they say it takes up to a year or longer for things to settle in but this is beyond settling. It's unsettling. I'm so sorry you're having such a difficult time getting to the healthy side. Hopefully the pouch rest will sort everything out.

kathy Wink
Hi Roberta,
The Picc is definitely no fun, but at least you will be getting the nutrients you need. Are you home with it? If so, just make sure you keep it clean and protected. I ended up with a blood infection from mine. Where are you being treated? In the city?

Best of luck, you can only go uphill from here!
Sorry to hear about your continued saga. But picc lines can be good. Gettin tpn will get your body some nourishment it needs for you to heal. It wont put weiht back on you, but nourishment it will. Also picc lines are good if you need iv antibiotics. And eliminate a lot of the jabs needed for blood tests. Dont know if you are the hospital or at home. If you are at home, make sure the visiting nurse is following good hygeine protocol with the picc. I just had one pu tin during a recent lengthy hospital stay as nurses were having too difficult of a time with ibs and then i was put on tpn. Also it allowed me to go home earlier as i could continue iv antibiotics with it at home
I either was extremely hyped up on pain killers or I don't know, but I felt no pain when my PICC was placed. I have horrible veins. The nurse prepping me for my surgery tried both arms and hands before finding a suitable vein. I stayed in the hospital over a week. They finally.realized after four days of having hard times getting veins I needed a PICC line. So after doing a ct scan(worse than the PICC) I was taken in a near by room and it was done. Never felt any pain, but some pressure. I.still had my pain pump but didn't use it except when moving around for ct scan. And it improved my hospital stay. Not being *****ed every few hours was a blessing.

I don't know how your stays have been or how your hospital does the procedure, but remember it can be a positive.
Sorry to hear you are still having so much trouble. I had the picc line put in also to get TPN, at least you don't have to worry about weither or not you are eating or drinking enough and you can concentrate on just getting better. I was lucky too and had no problems with the picc line getting placed but had it done like a small surgery and went to a sterile room and environment. Take care and we are all praying for your full recovery.
I've just returned home from my takedown and I'm so sorry to see you are still struggling..I had some complications after the surgery and ended with a picc line for TPN..I didn't find it too bad maybe because I had NG tube and that was dreadful. The nice thing about the picc is everything goes right through those lines so you won't have to be poked everywhere..good luck and I hope you're on your way to better days
Thank you everyone! Right now, my labs came back WBC elevated, still running a fever and started 2nd bag of nourishment last night! I am getting this all at home (which is a good thing)! I kept telling myself I would be going to the Miriam Spa (Hospital) for a bit but this time I can do it all at home which is a huge help!

You are all amazing! What a walk in life we are all taking with eachother!

Hopefully, better days are coming!

Hi Roberta I am so sorry to hear of your troubles.When I was in for my second surgery for jouch construction my veins got so bad that they put the picc line in my neck.Talk about a nightmare. Eeker I just hope that soon you`ll be on the mend.God bless.
I am sorry you are having so many complications. They tried to install a PICC for me last September but the veins in my left arm were too small even for a pediatric line, and after 7 failed attempts at the one vein in my right arm that looked almost big enough they found that it was scarred and unusable from a blood clot during my colectomy. So I now have a portacath instead.

I am not sure why everyone is saying you can't gain weight on TPN; I was able to discontinue TPN just a couple weeks ago because I had put on 28 pounds in seven months and I am now at a healthy weight.

I hope things start going better for you soon!
They had to put a central line in my neck when I was in the hospital before my colectomy. Had it in there for like 3 weeks, didn't feel very good going in that's for sure.

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