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I have not gotten a period since my first surgery back in January. Has this happened to any of you? I am going to see my OBGYN next month and she is going to give me a prescription to start it up again. Just wondering if this has happened before.

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Mine stopped for about 3 months after my surgery. I am not sure I would want medications to start it back up if everything was checking out OK otherwise. Basically, it just means that your body does not think you should be getting pregnant right now. But, if it worries you, I guess hormones to stimulate menses would be OK. But, for me, I didn't miss it, and since I was anemic, I could use the iron I would lose from my period.

Jan Smiler
Christine-I agree with Jan. if everything checks out ok why start it up? The periods I had after first surgery were more painful and crampier than normal. I haven't had since takedown but am going to assume they won't be fun. I wish I never got mine again.

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