Has anyone tried taking the chewable pepto bismol tablets when they have a flare up of pouchitis? The day I take it I get some relief and feel pretty good but am not sure if it can be taken on a regular basis.

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I take the Liquid form and it works wonders! I only take it right before bedtime. During the day I take Imodium and Lomotil along with VSL#3DS which is a probiotic ( medical food... in other words... a prescription is needed). Plus, during a flair... I'm on Cipro also twice a day. 500 mgs. each. Now just for maintenance... I stay on 1/ 500 Mgs. I tried going off and I start flaring again. I find that I sleep for 5 hours straight the next day I feel good. What I mean I can hold it... get up and go to the bathroom and go back to sleep. 

Hope this helps and feel better!❤


It's pretty safe. I've taken it for a few weeks at a time, when I was on rotating antibiotics (combined with Rifaximen). By itself, it didn't do much for my chronic pouchitis. But, some people here have had decent results with it to avoid chronic antibiotic use. It does have some antibiotic properties, and that is why it is effective for traveler's diarrhea.


I have taken the capsule form, sometimes 8 pills a day especially if I'm having a bad day, but generally I only take about 4. I also add Cipro if I'm in a flare as well, but have been maintaining the most part with Pepto capsules, and doing low carb. I also do the VSL#3DS, but not on a daily basis as it seems to speed things up, but it has good properties. Also you don't have to buy the "Pepto" brand, as I use generic and it works fine and you get more capsules as well. I will be a year post-op from takedown this April.


Maybe try the liquid form... my surgeon isn't a fan of the pills. She said that it doesn't work as well as the liquid for patients with the Jpouch.

I have been using Pepto with good success recently, combined with Xifaxan. I take the Pepto when on Xifaxan and cycle off when I switch back to Cipro. 

I have been on xifaxin for a little over 2 years now and it seems like I'm having more pouchitis than normally. I have tried Cipro and Flagyl and had bad reactions with them. Long time UC sufferer also, had my j-pouch July 1996.

I've been on everything. ive been on Entyvio over a year and a half and after 17 years I finally feel the best ever. Xifacan was my go to for years till I flared up really bad on it and I ended in the hospital, the first time on remicade, had to stop it but was in remission for close to 3 years, then the second time I went back on xifacan and flared again they had to disconnect the pouch and I was put on Entyvio and reconnected. Good luck I think antibiotics are the worse!

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