Is anyone else here on a low dose pepto bismal regiment to ward off pouchitis. I take a single tablet before bed, just wondering if there's any others out there in the same boat.


Long term low dose literature is few and far between out there.

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I've learned Pepto Bismol really works just like an antibiotic.  I was able to take it for a year and a half to treat my chronic pouchitis.  However, just like an antibiotic, it's effectiveness will wear off.  Now, it does nothing for me.  In hind sight, I should have used it in rotation with other antibiotics in hopes of having it last longer as an option for me.  I was taking 2 tabs in the morning and 2 and night and at one point, I think just 2 at night.

I am currently using it. Probiotics weren't doing much for me. I figure I'll take it for a month, then give it a rest. By the way, the Walmart house brand caplets are the cheapest by far. Couple of bucks for 40.



I take it in liquid or chewable tablet form whenever my pouchitis flares.  I find it helpful for calming down flares but not as a long term remission inducer.

I like the caplets. Less likely to get the black tongue side effect. I don't need the immediate effect on my stomach/esophagus that the liquid or chewables afford.


Too soon for me to tell if it is good long term, but my pouchitis is more episodic than chronic.



I'll have to look into this! I have chronic pouch it's and I hate taking antibiotics so I'm always look for alternatives. Right now I am making my own probiotic/kambucha drink, it seems to be helping!

I've been taking pepto for years, to help slow me down, I take it in combination with OTC immodium. It helps a little but it's better then taking the Vicodin all the time. I hope one day they will come out with something great that will help all of us.
I'm glad to have found this thread. I've had my pouch for 3 years with no big issues. Then two and a half months ago I got pouchitis and I can't shake it. Everyone's posts say the antibiotics cleared it right up but mine won't go away. I was on Flagyl for 2 weeks with some relief then it came back 3 days after my last dose. Then I was on Cipro and Flagyl for two weeks, same story. They put me on the Cipro and Flagyl again for 2 weeks and now I'm on a lower dose of Cipro. I've also been doing Rowasa suppositories which seem to have taken the edge off but I find the uncomfortable ache is still there especially after any food. Since the Cipro I've actually been constipated (which I never thought could happen!) so I worry about taking the pepto on top of that. I'm curious if any of you have had the same issues and what has worked for you. Also, I'm about to try to get pregnant soon and any advice you have for staying adequately nourished during pregnsncy or any complications any of you might have had would be great information to have. The doctors seem to know so little!

What's worked for me (quite well) has been to stay on the antibiotics. I'd prefer to be medication-free, but that doesn't work for me. Unfortunately many of the antibiotics aren't great to use during pregnancy. 


Be careful - Pepto Bismol is also a potential problem during pregnancy, in the same risk category as Cipro.

Saraheliza- I am not sure you are picking the greatest time to be trying to get pregnant.  I would try to bring the pouchitis under control first.  For me pouchitis is controlled with antibiotics, and I have had to take them continuously for 20 years because nothing else, alone, works.  I am in the same boat as Scott.  If you need to join us in that boat, I would talk to your Docs about antibiotics/PB impacting on the pregnancy if you must stay on the meds.  Hopefully you can get it cleared up and then conceive, but it is something you need to throw a lot of meds at in many cases.


Cipro is constipating and if you take imodium or any other bowel slowing meds, crank down the dosages of those meds until you reduce cipro.  Other antibiotics may have the same effect.

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