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I am going for a pelvic MRI with and without contrast tomorrow due to a fistula. When I was on the phone with the radiology place the girl said two things. First, to stop eating 4-6 hours before the test (it's at 1:30pm), but then said to take a Dulcolax today (really 24 hours before the test). So am I supposed to have completely empty bowels? Should I take the laxative (or is that really more for those who have a colon and don't poop all the time)? Just stop eating early today (midnight?)? I'll do take a Dulcolax but don't want to if it's not necessary. I explained that she contradicted herself but she was not very smart! Lol.
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I think if you fast the day of the MRI you should be fine. I know personally I would be completely cleaned out by 1:30 if my last meal was dinner. I don't think it's a good idea for any of us to take a laxative unless you're abnormally backed up due to medication or a real motility problem. I'm sure the girl you spoke to didn't understand what it means to not have a colon.
If you think it through, the point of the ducolax for people with a colon, is to be sure you are not constipated (full of stool) in the rectum at the time of the MRI. If you usually have rather loose stools (typical for a j-pouch), then a laxative won't affect anything one way or the other.

I would call back for clarification, pointing out that you do not have a colon and do not have formed stool. Be sure to have them ask the radiologist, not just read from the instructions. But, I think you can skip it. If you really need an empty pouch, then an enema before leaving the house would work better. I have not had a pelvic MRI, but have had oodles of pelvic CTs, and it has not been an issue. I do realize that the location they are looking at makes a difference.

Jan Smiler
I have been getting pelvic MRI's with and without contrast annually for many years for the same issue-fistula. I NEVER was told to take dulcolax or anything else--- just fasting for about 4- 6 hrs before the test. Never had a problem doing or having the Radiologist reading the test. Your radiology facility must
have thought u had a colon.

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