I have been thirstier than usual these last few months but since I have been on a higher protein diet with a lower carb load I just figured that that was the reason.
Drinking more was good for my diet too.
This last Monday I went for lunch with a friend and had salmon tartar (raw salmon with lemon, herbs & olive oil) and a green salad. By the end of the lunch my pouch was running pure water. I barely made it home without practically exploding.
Over the last week, on and off, it has been either normal output or running watery output (usually after eating fish, my go-to protein of choice).
I have been constantly thirsty in spite of the fact that I was drinking about 2-3 litres/day...the strange part is that even while or just after drinking 2 huge glasses of cold water, I am still thristy...it is permanent and unquenchable. I don't drink softdrinks or any alcohol. Just water.
I am eating very little, no unusual pain other than general joint pain...but I feel like I am peeing twice what I drink and that is making me even more thirsty. It is like a vicious circle.
I do not wake at night to drink or pee. I am now up to 4-5 litres of fluids and am still 'feeling dried out'.
I have lost 2 lbs in 4 days...Very unusual for me. I've booked a glucose test and general bloodwork but just curious if this has happened to anyone else?
Any other suggestions or things that should be checked out while I am at the lab?
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Thanks Jan,
That is what I fear the most...with my D'heller's-Danlos I already have enough healing problems...diabetes scares the daylights out of me...I am trying to stay away from sugar out of fear of making things worse and pray that if it is that, that I am at the very begining and can control it with diet (now there's a word I never use!)...my maternal grandfather and uncle both had diabetes and were neither overweight nor great consumers of sugar or junk food...mom was borderline her whole life....yikes...scary.
Eating lots of small snacks all day long in the hopes that I can keep the blood sugar stable...this could explain the sudden exhaustion though.
Is there a link between diabetes and thyroid?
5-6 small meals a day should keep you stable. I have to take a lot of insulin 60 units of long term morning and night. 30 units short term every meal. I have to be very careful of pasta, breads, potatoes and cheese. To ripe fruit makes my sugar go sky high. I test 2 hours after every meal. Only juice my body accepts is tomato juice. I don't call what I eat a diet. It is only a food exchange. I eat a lot of salads (easy on the tomato)Baked fish, turkey, beef stock soups. Steamed fresh vegetables mostly broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. I seem to do OK with Pita bread. As with everything, it is a trial and error thing. What foods that are OK with me may not be good for you. I have to drink a lot of water too. Diabetes isn't a fun thing but with a little work it is very manageable. When i was first dxed I used the heart healthy diet. I don't follow it 100% but still use it as a base. Lot of great recipes in the books too. I hope it isn't diabetes but if it is, don't worry to much, a healthy food exchange will probably be all you need if you are just starting to show symptoms. Good Luck.
Hoping like heck not to ever get there...I watched my grandfather and uncle take shots, blood, shots before and after every meal...not exactly the free wheeling lifestyle I am aspiring to for my middle age!
But things have improved over the years I suspect?
Thanks for the insite Judy
Both my husband and I have type 2 diabetes. His is more advanced than mine, but neither of us require insulin (yet). I am diet controlled and he takes multiple oral meds. A lot has changed in the past few decades. They are much more aggressive in diagnosing and treating now. There is no such thing as borderline any more (just prediabetes and diabetes). It is an autoimmune disease, not just a lifestyle disease. You can have thyroid dysfunction with it, but they are separate problems.

It is quite manageable.

Jan Smiler
What was their advice, diet-wise, in the begining Jan? I am doing my six small snacks a day thing (or as close to it as possible), cut out about 85% of the sugar, breads etc and am not touching white flour (the occasional multi grain) and divide my intake between apples, veggies, nuts, light proteins and fruits.
Tons of water though...
Can you 'get back' from this once you are at the edge? I am 10lbs 'overweight' and walk about 1hr/day plus all the other activities.
Not sure what else I can do to undo this?
I didn't know that diabetes was auto immune...grandfather died from it indirectly (pancreatic cancer), uncles had Fap, then diabetes, arthritis and reduced kidney function.
All the women in my family had hypothyroidism...so why is everyone telling me that I am the only one with autoimmune?
Blood work is next Friday...
First, get the diagnosis before you get too worked up about it. But, basically, it is about having portion control, and vegetables comprising half of your plate (protein and carbs each taking a quarter).

Once you cross over to diabetes from prediabetes, it is always your diagnosis, even if you don't need medication. I lost weight and maintain my normal HbA1c by diet and exercise for the past 4 years, but I am still diabetic.

Jan Smiler

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