Hi all, kindly asking for input over possible blockage. Only passing through liquid form, pouch not emptying. Have started taking some oil to help. 

Thanks a lot.

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Hope all gets well for you soon Andrina! What were the symptoms that got you to the ER and how long will you need to stay in? I am now only on fluids at home for the last two days using suppositories and oral oil, to see if it responds. Otherwise I will need to get admitted soon  

I just posted this on Adriana's post, but I have had luck with going on a liquid diet and making sure to get walking in to keep things flowing. Also try not to stress yourself out, try to relax and hopefully it will help. I know I try anything not to get admitted and have to get that NG tube.

Good luck

Thanks Pouchlogic, I try walking a lot but nothing’s moving so far only watery output. Surgeon suggested drinking gastrographine to work as laxative as a last attempt before ER. 

Sometimes a ton (like 2 litres) of white grape juice helps me if I’m partially blocked, but if it’s been days it might be good to see a physician.Are you in a lot of pain? My surgeon also said to try citromag before heading to the er, but my blockages are functional rather than from adhesions so I don’t want to give u bad advice and make you worse......it works pretty good a lot of the time though.

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Vicky, how is it going? Did you go to the ER? Just some input. I had several hosp. stays for very similar situations. I'd end up with the NG tube and many x-ray and a stay of about a week each. Finally my surgeon got involved and had my GI do a pouchoscopy . Low and behold I have a narrowing above the pouch, ie. scar tissue. They did a quick balloon dilation which really didn't do all that much, but did releave things for a short while, but not long. Long story short my surgeon ended up doing a dilation under sedation with Hefar Dilators ( which seems very archaic) but it worked. That's been a year ago. I'm just now feeling as though maybe we need to do it again. Hopefully you will have gotten though your blockage and this won't be needed for you. Let us know how you came out.


Hi Aimee, thnx so much for your input and interest! Truth is I’ve managed to stay away from ER up to now..Scope would be the best thing to do to push things a bit, however scope is considered invasive and under covid-19 rules they don’t proceed in hospital (I’m based in Greece). Only thing they did was a pouchogram putting in fluid from anus to check flow, which was normal. There could be a narrow part before pouch in my case as well, but there is not much they can do without pouchoscopy. X-ray didn’t show anything. 

I try to keep calm, drink lots of water and fluids and keep my fingers crossed!! 

* Insightful poem

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Gastrographine has been administered via the tube and I went to the bathroom and stayed there for an hour just passing it. This relieved it. I can't find gastrographine online so how does one obtain it over the counter? 

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Hi Andrina, gastrographine is sold over-the- counter in my country (Greece) in local pharmacies, however I cannot tell if this is the case in other countries as well.

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