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I had my j-pouch created in 2005.

I am pretty certain I had a partial blockage last night. I ate some cooked vegetables in the afternoon and I think I ate way too much for dinner. I felt super bloated and had some pain. I tried to go to the bathroom after moving around and drinking a lot of water. I was able to pass some stool. Overnight, I was up every few hours and started to have watery stools. This morning, I have had a large output of pretty much liquid stool and I have not eaten anything. My abdomen feels a bit uncomfortable, but nothing too bad at the moment.

A few questions: 1) It seems that the blockage has been cleared to me. Would you agree? 2) Is there something else I should do at this time? 3) When should I try to eat something solid? 

I would love to hear your experiences with obstructions. 

Take care, everyone.


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When i had an obstruction it hurt tremendously. It felt like pain I had never felt before. I gradually stopped having any bowel movements and didn’t want to eat anything because I’d didn’t feel good at all. The pain would get so bad that I ended up in the hospital. I hope it wasn’t an obstruction but if it was, I’m glad, for u, that it clear itself. 

sometimes you can’t ever predict what will cause it. I do think the longer I’ve been post surgery the less I’ve had obstructions. So that’s good news. Good luck to you! 


I’ve had a few partial obstructions, and luckily all of them cleared pretty quickly, as yours has. Most obstructions clear by themselves, and don’t require anything other than patience and maintaining hydration. There’s no particular requirement other than to be gentle on yourself - go slow, in case it hasn’t fully cleared, and try not to do anything that hurts.

I went for a long time getting really sick at my stomach and at times throwing up. Then I got really sick, hospitalized then had operation after I go stronger. Until surgery I was put on a diet to hopefully not obstruct till surgery. Surgery was two months later and I did ok until then. the pouch had prolapsed some and did find part of my bowels attached to female parts which they separated. Doctor said he thought I was having bowel obstruction all the times I got sick. He explained to me it is like a rubber band that twist. Sometimes it untwist by itself.  Another words each time before it corrected itself until it didn't.  As far as the J-pouch relapse I asked if I did anything to cause it. He first said no then he said well straining too much can cause it.  I don't think they would of done anything until it got to the point when I got so sick except give me the diet plan I should be on. I hope you don't get to the point I did. Very painful!!!

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