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Hi needing advise as soon as possible. I had a blockage Tuesday night the 5th which landed me in the hospital for 3 days. They did a CT with contrast, a couple Xrays and determined I had a high grade partial SBO. They did an NG tube and I was released on Friday on a liquid diet, which did that day and Saturday. Yesterday started small amount of soft solids but my concerns are I've had very watery stools since Tuesday and I get a bit nauseous, even when I haven't eaten anything.  I'm assuming I still have a bit of a blockage. Should I go back to all liquid? I'm very concerned about the amount of weight I'm loosing and dehydration. I have a follow up with the GI on Wednesday. Thanks!

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So sorry this happened!! From my experience I would add Greek yogurt and a couple 30gr Premier Protein/day for strength and to retain your muscle mass. I continue with this even after my total blockage and 5 day hospitalization . I simply use half or whole Imodium to slow down diarrhea. Also drink electrolyte drinks like Propel for electrolyte replacement. Mashed Potatoes and Mac and cheese from Bob Evans are easy to digest and add lots of calories. I also add any cream soup like chowders, cheddar soup, mushroom soup but not the broccoli!  Continue to give your system a break until you heal . My thoughts are with you.🥰

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Hi @Lauren Of Emerald City! I'm doing better. It cleared up a couple days later, but still freaked out. Haven't had a blockage in years. They think it's due to inflammation in my pouch, which I have chronic pouchitis that I've never been able to fully control

That makes sense!!! Inflammation can definitely do that! I am happy you are better!!! Do you think you may want to try biologics for your pouchitis one day???

Sounds like you’re well past it now- but I get partial obstructions a few times a year and get hospitalized every couple of years, and my experience is similar to yours- even after it “clears” I’m in pain and bloated for a few days afterward with mild nausea and lack of appetite.  I think it’s just the stretched out intestines returning to normal- takes some time.  

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