I just had surgery 6 weeks ago at Mayo's for a parastomal hernia as well as a midline one - so 2 at once. It had to be open and I had a 10" incision. I had previous hernia surgery by a local surgeon in the midline area and there was existing mesh she had to contend with so maybe that is why it couldn't be done laproscopic. 

She performed lapro surgery when diverting from using my j-pouch to a permanent ileostomy 4 years ago. 6 months later she removed my j-pouch and that had to be open.  I don't know if I can help you but if you have any questions please ask.

Thanks for the info. Sounds like it was more recovery time. Mine will be laparoscopic but in hospital 3 days. Did you have any obstructions because of the hernia? Mine caused one about a month ago. That was my first block since having pouch removal and perm ostomy 4 yrs ago.  My surgeon also booked me for a special CT to detect scar tissue. 

My surgery was on a Friday and then  sent me home Sunday so I bet they will release you sooner. As soon as I could walk the halls and eat the resident sent me home. I was real groggy all day Monday and went to a local hospital with the post op ileus. I was in there 3 days. She worked 4 out of 7 hours during the surgery on my adhesions.

I had a few partial obstructions but never one like my ileus above. 

I hope all goes well!  Let me know how it goes.

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